Penny Stocks- Ways to Invest (part-1)

Penny stocks are low priced stocks listed by small companies. It is very easy to invest into these stocks as they don’t cost much and promise a big profits but trading these stocks is also a good way to lose money.

Although these stocks are low priced but low liquidity ensures high volatility. So, it is advisable for small investor to invest with cautious and get clear understanding of the company’s business and its financials.


Penny Stocks- Ways to Invest (part-1)

There are few rules listed below, can be followed while investing into penny stocks:

  1. Ignore penny stocks success stories: Investor must try to ignore the penny stocks success stories which are touted on emails, SMS etc. The investor must invest into penny stocks with caution and not play as a gamble and loose instead must focus on profitable penny stocks with solid earnings growth and those making 52 week high.
  2. Disregard the tips: The tips send via email, SMS, newsletter, fake press releases are just manipulations to sell those penny stocks rather than buy. Many big investors dump their stocks are high price by creating manipulations and trapping the small investors into it.
  3. Sell it Quickly: it is advisable for small investor to sell quickly if he is getting 20%-30% returns in just matter of few days rather than getting into greed to get more returns, because they are volatile and fall back more sharply.
  4. Never Short Sell: Investor must not short sell these penny stocks. Any positive news although fake can make stock shoot up 50% or even 100% in just a matter of few days and leaving shorting to pros.
  5. Focus high Trading volumes: These penny stocks are illiquid in nature. Focus on stocks which have high trading volumes on consistent basis rather than average basis. Consistent high volumes will ensure investor able to sell his holding any moment.

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Penny Stocks- Ways to Invest (part-2)

The ways to invest into penny stocks are continued in this article and they are as below:

  1. Don’t Listen to the Company’s management: It is advisable not to trust anyone while investing into these penny stocks. The companies are trying to get their stock up so they can raise money and stay into business. So investor needs to be cautious and follow the data from authentic source.
  2. Use Stop Loss: These stocks are illiquid and highly volatile. Investor need to put a strict stop loss trading into these penny stocks because they can fall and rise as much irrespective of the market sentiment. For risk reward in your favor, aim for 3:1 or 4:1 instead 1:1. It means if you target one dollar upside for a dollar stock than stop loss must be at 20 cents to be at better risk reward ratio.Penny Stocks- Ways to Invest (part-2)
  3. Buy the best of the bunch: An investor while choosing the penny stock must ensure the stock is on an uptrend. Better buy the stock which is trading at its 52 week high and that too at consistent high volumes. It is easy to find the stock fulfilling these two parameter but need to ensure that the stock is not a pump and dump scheme.
  4. Don’t trade large positions: Investor must be careful not to trade the penny stock in large quantity of shares. It is very easy to get in and difficult to get out of the penny stocks due to lack of liquidity. Investor need to ensure that not to buy more than 10% of the stock’s daily volume.
  5. Don’t love the stock, only Trade: Every penny stock company wants investor to think that it is an exciting story that will revolutionize the world. Most investors fall in love with the stock while it is going up and don’t sell them until it fall back.

Penny Stocks- Why a failure?

Penny stocks are basically substandard stocks which are not traded onto the major stock exchanges like DOW Jones or NASDAQ. These are traded on pink sheets OTC (Over The Counter) Exchanges. The stocks trading below $5 per share are categorized as penny stocks and are more risky to trade than shares of big companies.

These penny stocks chosen correctly can turn out to be a gem in future for an investor. We have seen many established and big companies shares like Microsoft, INTEL and Wal-Mart were once a penny stock in their history, but ultimately these penny stocks are a big failure. Remember, only one or two penny stocks on an average out of 200 shares result into a blue here to read more information on how to invest in penny stocks.

Penny Stocks- Why a failure?

Here are certain factors accountable for the failure of these penny stocks and that can also be the reason why the investors fear trading into these stocks. These can be;

  1. Not present on major stock exchanges: Penny stocks don’t exist on the major stock exchanges. The established exchanges have certain guidelines like market capitalization, trading volumes etc, which are required for any company to get their stock listed onto these exchanges. Many penny stocks don’t meet these guidelines and are traded on OTC.
  2. Lack of Information: Another reason that investors often lose their money while investing into penny stocks is failure to get any reliable historic or current information about the companies unlike in case of established companies where it is easy to get the same on websites, news channels and even free analysts’ reports. The lack of information about penny stock adds to the risk of investing in penny stocks.
  3. Manipulations: These penny stocks are often easily manipulated. The illiquid nature of penny stocks makes it simple for operators to manipulate the pricing and even a single entity can influence their stock price movement.

Penny Stocks – Tips for Investing

Penny stocks are small company’s stock trading at very low price per share. Such stocks are high risk and high volatile trades and are subject to manipulation by stock promoters and pump and dump schemes. These stocks present a high risk for investors, who are often lured by the hope of making large and quick profits.

Despite of high risk and other notable concerns, the penny stocks are always in limelight of investors who like to make huge profits. The business of these small, young and prosperous companies has a huge potential to grow their business and hence, the stock price tend to double of even increase to three times in short span of time. People looking for earning quick money mainly prefer penny stocks.

Taking an example, penny stock trading at $5 per share can get double to $10 per share or can increase to $15 or $20 per share, but it is very difficult for blue chip stock at $1000 pricing per share to achieve 2000 level.

Penny stock investments can be a boom for the investor, but on the other hand; it is coupled with huge risk for the investor and provide equal opportunity to lose the trading equity. So, these investments must be done with lot of cautious.


Here are some tips for investors to how to invest in these penny stocks and make huge profits:

  1. Trading volumes: Penny stocks are illiquid in nature. It is advisable to look for stock with consistent high trading volumes rather than average trading volumes. Analyzing average trading volumes can be misleading. For example, if stock ABC is traded with 1 million shares for 1st day and no share traded for rest of week, than its average daily volume will be 2 lac shares, which can be quite misleading for investors. In order to get in and out at an acceptable rate of return, consistent volume is must to be considered.
  2. Efficient management: While choosing the penny stock, investor needs to analyze the efficiently of management or promoters. Many startups incur loses initially, but have the need to analyze the reason for the same. The promoters must know how to make profits in business. Researching the right company for investing lower the risk of loss of capital and increases odds of much higher return.
  3. Plan Entry & Exit in stock: Penny stocks are very illiquid and that is the reason they can get highly volatile in their price movements. An investor must plan the entry and exit levels for the stock and must work accordingly as volatility make stock quickly move up and move down just as quickly.
  4. Authentic source of information: Penny stocks are manipulated by big investors and operators. Misleading positive information and statements are spread out through various means like fake press releases, SMS, emails, newsletters etc that persuade common investor to buy the stock and when price rises, and operator dump that stock, hence trapping the small investor. It is advisable that the source of information must be authentic because right source with good analysis makes perfect choice of stock and hence result in profit for investor.